Developing Scientific Questions

This activity pack has been created to accompany our S1 E1 episode!

Learning Activity Downloads:

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Identify features of useful scientific questions
  • Distinguish between questions addressing proximate and ultimate explanations
  • Articulate the role of proximate and ultimate questions in the study of animal behavior
  • Write and refine an approachable scientific question

Target Audience:

  • Undergraduate students in an animal behavior or behavioral ecology¬†course
  • Undergraduate students in an inquiry based introductory biology¬†course or lab

More Coming Soon!

We are busy making more activity guides aimed at Undergraduate Animal Behavior Classes to accompany the Podcast!
These guides will be based on the themes discussed in our episodes and will include activities suitable for use in teaching or independent use by students!
We would love to hear if you have used the guides or have any feedback on the activities, so please get in touch!