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S3 E9: Ximena Bernal

In this conversation, Matthew speaks with Dr. Ximena Bernal, professor of biological sciences at Purdue University. They discuss Ximena’s research into spies in the túngara frog communication system. After the break, they talk about Ximena’s journey as a native Spanish speaker working as a scientist in a field whose primary language is English and her efforts to increased communication between animal behavior scientists who speak different languages.

This week’s Two-Minute Takeaway comes from Dr. Brian Leavell, a recent PhD graduate from Ximena’s lab. Brian is now a postdoc at Boise State University. Learn more about Brian’s work here, and follow him on Twitter.

Articles relevant to this week’s show:
Bernal, X. E., Rand, A. S., & Ryan, M. J. (2006). Acoustic preferences and localization performance of blood-sucking flies (Corethrella Coquillett) to túngara frog calls. Behavioral Ecology17(5), 709-715.

Bernal, X. E., Page, R. A., Rand, A. S., & Ryan, M. J. (2007). Cues for eavesdroppers: do frog calls indicate prey density and quality?The American Naturalist169 (3), 409-415.